This is the official website of producer, arranger, composer, and keyboardist Jason Miles. Visit the store, check out the very cool gallery, and sign up for Jason's newsletter. Miles is a four-time Grammy Nominee and a Grammy winner as well. He has had a rich and colorful career and you can get a history lesson on this website. Jason also has Facebook and Twitter pages as well. Jason is looking for investment partners to be a part of his future projects and his new music company. There is a full business plan available. Here is a chance to be involved with the great productions and shows that Jason puts together. Jason's ideas represent the future of music. His reputation for putting together A-level music with top artists has been his reality over the last 30 years.

Jason is taking on a limited number of students in production, piano, and arranging. E-mail him if interested.

Jason is also making his production,keyboard and musical services available to artists. If you are an artist with a vision and have the drive and talent to be successful and want to work and make music on the highest level, you should contact Jason. He understands how to make music and careers successful. His 30 years of working on music of the highest level will give a talented artist a chance for success. He also will consult with you and show the best way to get your project exposed. These days there are a lot of amateurs who say they are professionals. They're everywhere. Jason's track record speaks for itself. Visit the Contact page to connect with Jason. The true future of music is dependent on the next great generation of artists.

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I recently had a phone call from along time friend. I got on the phone and asked "what's up?"He said he just wanted to call and see how I was doing and to say hello. I basically said to myself Nobody does that anymore. I was happy he called as we have along history and we spent an hour catching up. Does anybody really care anymore about each others well being ? Do we go out of our way to help a friend or does it have to be a part of a scheme that involves money or advancement. I'm willing to say it is dwindling down to a precious few.

I'm writing this because of a recent incident that happened. A few years ago I was going to be performing at a noted festival. The promoter asked me who I would have in the band and on the show. Everything was fine and then I mentioned the name of... Read more

NAMM show

I just got back from a whrirlwind trip to Ca for the NAMM show. To me it's more of a social event than anything else. Can you really check out gear and really know what's going on in the middle of a couple of hundred thousand people? Its numbing and overwhelming at times. I saw some great old friends and met some new ones. You see in our new days of social media where you may never meet your "friends" NAMM actually brings people from all over the world to be in one place for 4 days and at times it's overwhelming for the senses. There is still something important about meeting people in person and having them get to know you for real. This past weekend I met many who were FB friends and were very kind and gracious when we met. Here are some thoughts. I'm not going to go on forever.... Read more

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