Global Noize @ Rockwood Music Hall

Global Noize CD release show @ Rockwood Music Hall
Stage 2-Oct 4-2011
DJ Logic, Jason Miles, Falu, Jay Rodriguez, Amanda Ruzza, Adrian Harpham

Global Noize - "A Prayer For The Planet" EPK (2011)

We are at what is clearly a line of demarcation in our society, where the only thing that can be said with much clarity is that things going forward will be very different than they have been in the past. While that future is uncertain, one of the things that we know is a fact is that our lives more than at any other time in the past will be more inter dependent on factors that are global in nature than ever before. Clearly this planet is in need of at least a prayer.

Keyboardist extraordinaire Jason Miles has worked with everyone from Miles Davis and Luther Vandross to Ivan Lins, and turntable guru DJ Logic has collaborated with such diverse artists as Phish, Vernon Reid, ?uestlove and Don Byron. The timeless innovators join forces with sensuous Indian vocalist Falu as GLOBAL NOIZE, and release their sophomore album, A PRAYER FOR THE PLANET on August 23, 2011 via Lightyear/EMI. The album released June 11, 2011 in Europe on Art of Groove Records/MIG.

For more information, please contact:
Jeff Kilgour
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Stories to tell

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The Pachinko Parlor

I got kicked out of a Pachinko Parlor in Nagoya Japan for taking a video - It is still a trip to check this place out.

Do The 45 Live in Tokyo

We Changed our names to The NY Funky Groove Collective for 2 nights-and we had a lot of fun doing it-Jason Miles,Andy Snitzer,Nick Moroch, Gerald Veasley, Buddy Williams and Special Guest Ryan Shaw. Needless to say the audience was into it

Mr Magic - Live in Tokyo

Rockin the late Show at the Tokyo Blue Note on Saturday Night June 12 2010 with Myself, Andy Snitzer, Eric Darius, Gerald Veasley, Nick Moroch, Buddy Williams and Ralph Macdonald.

Everybody is having a blast!!

Global Noize - New Orleans


Inside The Bullet Train. Wouldn't this be great to have this from Wash DC To Boston - or San Fran to LA?